Can.Ch.Wiscoy Tormentil Sloan (B/y)
I was owned and loved by Sloan from 
March 29, 1999  February 23, 2012
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a Lane....
I'd walk right up to heaven, and bring you home again.


......13 years ago sitting in an empty shopping center parking lot, where JL (Chablais Labradors) was to meet me on his way home from the 1999 MVLRC show. 
He was delivering my little black dog from Wiscoy Labradors. 
When he opened the crate a small puppy with a face only a Mother could love, was placed in my arms. 
JL smiled and commented that you couldn’t deny his Sire was Arnold. I think he said his face was “special”, a polite way of saying “homely” hahaha 

The bond was made the moment he and I touched, and I will never own a greater or more handsome dog than Sloan. 

                                     -Beverley Sidor 

Sloan's last time in the ring, with Jill,  was at the 2011 LRC of the Potomac show, 
where he had the time of his life, grinning from ear to ear, as he showed off  for the crowd. 
Then repeating the same wins at LRCP Bare Bones Oct. 2011, with Margaret Wilson handling, in what was then to be his last show. 


His "JOIE DE VIVRE" was a delight to be part of.  Thank you , my dear , sweet Sloan for this memorable week. 
Watching him strut his stuff in the ring was as thrilling for us as it was for his many fans! 
We know he loved your  applause! 

The Name Sloan is of  Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning is..
"man of arms, a warrior "

ACVO/ April/2011 
Healthgene (Canada) Genotype for PRA /Normal/1999
Aug.2009 Optigen Accession #: 09-6995/Normal/Clear
EIC Carrier
OFA/Hips/Good/Elbows Normal CHIC #:16374
& PennHip 80% Jan/05
full dentition


Oct 28/2011 at Bare Bones, Sloan did an encore performance going Best Senior and an award of Merit...
Thank you to Margaret Wilson (Shadowglen Labradors) for handling Sloan for me and thank you to 
Breeder/Judge: Trudy Rose (Talimar Labradors) 
Breeder/Judge: Mr. Roy Cone (Waterbound Labradors) (Sweeps)

Photography by Aarone Durocher

Sloan having fun showing off....
Sloan did rather well for himsellf at the Potomac... Jill and I are very proud!
Thank you once again Jill for breeding this wonderful boy and sharing him with me.
Below are 3 short videos taken by Anne. "Thank you"




You will notice how Sloan just "loved" Jill....couldn't take his eyes off of her!



Sloan in his younger days. Photos by Beth Hatfield

Sloan was surely met at the Rainbow Bridge by his remarkable parents....

CH.Dickendall Arnold

CH.Dickendall Ruffy ENG.SH.CH,AM.CH.Receiver of Cranspire
CH.Moorhead Jewel
Dickendall A-Ha CH.Marshland Blitz
Dickendalls Rose Royce

CH.Wiscoys Say Goodnight Gracie

AM,CAN.CH.Linrays Over The Top CH.Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall,JH
CH.Balrion Over To You
CAN.CH.Wiscoys Skye's T'Limit Blondella Beau Ranger
Wiscoys Court N'Spark

Bred by /co-owned:Jill Ickowski